Monday, October 3, 2011

New things everyday

3 days shy of 18 months old and Landon impresses and shocks me each and every day!!

He is REALLY talking!!
Zeus (sus)
Apollo (pahbo)
Shoes (sus) – we have to make sure he is pointing when both Zeus and Shoes are around.
Mama, Dadda, Pappa (pah), Omi (me), Nana (he’s got that one), Landon (Lannon!!)
Night night
NO :-)
Ball (bah)

You ask “where is your head” and he will point to his head – you ask him where anything is and he points at his head ha! If you say “tummy” he will pat his tummy. If you say shoes he will say “sus” and point at his feet or try to go find them!! Billy has taught him to shake hands – it’s pretty cute! Billy will say “nice to meet you Mr Landon” and Landon will stick his hand out to shake his!! Yesterday I winked at him (Landon that is) and he clinched both eyes shut and scrunched up his nose! It was pretty hilarious! So today we were doing it a lot with him and he just loved it! And he JUST LOVES to buzz his lips and cause spit to go EVERYflippinWHERE!! 

Buzzing our lips :)

Coming back from Church

He is a mover and a shaker! He LOVES to dance so when I’m wore out physically from all his energy – we flip on the music and make up some more moves! He loves the hippity hop :) I think he has been showing Coral some moves too --- I do apologize for that Justin!! BUT She has been showing him how to carry a purse! OH MY!!

They love to play with the SAME toy 

Fun day at the park

In passing I will hear friends/family say they get upset or their feelings get hurt when their hubby/wife cannot get their kid to calm down and after all the work they put in with no calmness the other comes in and the kid just goes right down to sleep or calms down with no issues. Not to belittle anyone --- but what is the problem with this scenario???? The child is asleep … the child is calm. AMEN … you can rest now!! I appreciate anytime Billy walks thru a door and Landon immediately calms down or if he has been fighting sleep with Billy and me can come in and get him to sleep … wow. No upset or hurt feelings here!! And I can firmly say Billy feels the same way. I hate to see my friends/family get upset or feelings get hurt over it all … be thankful!!

In roughly three weeks we will be back home for my 10year high school reunion! Looking forward to that and to seeing family and friends AND new additions!!!