Friday, November 4, 2011

Is it really November?!

I cannot believe it is already November! 3 paychecks till Christmas break :) YAY!

A few weeks ago I asked my bestie Donna if her little girl Coral - Landon's bestie - would be obliged to take some sweet photos with Landon at this really cute candy shop Sweet Pete's in the historic Springfield area of Jax. And they both accepted. So of course we asked the amazing photographer Allison of Images by Allison to capture our moments!!! Here are a FEW of the fun that day!!

They are so playful at all times with each other

They both weren't sure of the tie


This made me tear up when I saw it for the first time

So we had a great time and if you live in the Jacksonville area please make sure you look up Allison! She is amazing!!

I loved Halloween when I was little - pretty much grew out of it in high school and could have cared less since. BUT THIS YEAR ... WOW! I was soo flippin excited!! I was trying to figure out a costume for Landon and BAM it hit me! Bamm Bamm and I'd be Betty. Too bad Billy had to work :) We (Petty's too) went to the Zoo here in Jacksonville to their annual Spooktacular! Never been - my lord it was packed. WHEW! Coral was a bumble bee - Donna was a Mama bumble bee and Justin ... He was a scottish man :) HA!! It was so much fun!!

She would rather push than ride :) 
We met Pebbles!!

They loved holding hands!

He was done!

Halloween night we went trick or treating with the Petty's and the Sachinski's! We had a pretty good time!! Aiden was a pirate - and he knew what to do! He loved going up to the houses and getting candy! HA!!

Justin was pretty serious about the No Costume :) 

The crew - Coral in Wagon :)

Last night (Nov 3) we joined up with the Dyers to walk in the Light The Night walk - a walk to raise awareness for the LLS. Julia was diagnosed with Leukemia and is currently working her way through it all. Landon's nanny Michelle (or Titi as many know her) is also in remission. So we were definitely walking in honor of BOTH ladies!!! Not many photos but a few cute ones!

Landon and Julia's little sister Riley

My little raver

Lady of the night - Julia

On her Daddy's shoulders!

Their amazing mom/wife - Susan!!!

WHEW! Ok I think this catches us up!!! We have 2 baby showers coming up (one tomorrow one next Sunday) and many many fun things to do!!! Hope all my readers (all 2 of you) are doing great!!

Until next time ....