Thursday, December 15, 2011


Donna and I ventured down to The Landing to get some photos of the kids with Santa! It was quite entertaining!!

Poor Coral was NOT impressed with the bearded big guy!

Still unsure after a year!

2010 and 2011

Enjoying his candy cane!

Coral :) Such a pretty girl!

I got the dogs a little outfit :) They hated them

We did a small get together for Donna's birthday! We all enjoyed visiting and hanging out - AS ALWAYS!
YAY for CAKE :)

Donna, Nikki, me and Shannon

Landon and Aiden playing!

Next week my parents will be in and my sis is flying in for a few days!! Very much looking forward to having all us Otwell's together for Christmas this year!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Catching up ... again

I needed to do this for myself mainly!!!

Landon turned 20 months on the 6th of December. And when folks ask how old he is we get a vary of responses, but my two fave are “Wow he’s tall” and “Wow he’s skinny – do you feed him” We respond yes and all the time :)
I can't seem to turn the pic - 20 months old

He is starting to put together phrases and continues to talk a lot.

“Daddy’s Shoes”

“Night Night”

“What’s that”

“WHOA” --- which seriously cracks me up every single time he says it


“Beep-Beep” says this when he here’s a horn honk or grabs my keys and says it! We are trying “car” :)

“Titi” – that is our name for Michelle – his nanny.

“Zeus” is becoming clearer – used to be SUS

“Pahbo” – still working on Apollo :D



“STINKY!” – we say this while changing stinky diapers and when we smell our shoes ha!!

“Shoes” --- just like Zeus but there is not a shhhh to it :D

“Ot” – Hot (seems like everything is hot so we are trying ….)

“Toad” – so that is what Cold sounds like to my ears!




“JK” it doesn’t sound juuuust like that but when he is asked to repeat we know! We gotta work Omi in there somehow haha!

“Hi” in the funniest high pitched voice!

“Buh Bye” – that cracks me up too

“No-no” – and he knows when to use it!

“Cooo” – Coral :) his BFF

“Mitey” Mickey

“Choo Choo”

I’m sure I’ll get mad at myself later and remember more!

We don’t live very far from the airport or the military base so there are always planes and helicopters over our area … when he hears one he will run to the door and want to go outside and look up! He points and babbles! It’s great!

We can ask him “where is …” nose, eyes, ears, mouth, head, tummy, shoes (he won’t do FEET) and he will point or pat that area!!! And normally say what part it is!

He loves LOVES to climb on EVERYTHING! He climbed on our TV stand (after pushing his chair to it) scooted across it and started to take our ornaments off the Christmas Tree. AWESOME!

He likes to line things up! Chairs, toys, shoes, WHATEVER he can get ahold of! A few times we will move on or take one of the items away, he gets very upset if it’s out of place and if we took away he starts looking for it!

He has also started patting the front of his pants saying "pee pee" and grabbing his shorts in the back saying "poo poo" ... I'm nervous about this whole potty training thing haha!!