Thursday, November 29, 2012

Playing some CATCHUP!!!

Few hours old!
As I’m sure you all know Ivan Harrison has arrived!!! Ivan was born 9-27-12 and has been growing like a champ since! Big Brother Landon – overwhelmingly excited to have Ivan around! This makes Mama and Daddy sooo happy! We were a bit nervous there would be a HUGE jealousy issue – but none and whew we are happy!
One Happy Big Brother!!

Ivan’s first few weeks here have been a challenge, just as with Landon, with tummy/formula issues. Sadly (for our budget anyways haha) the poor kiddo had to be put on Alimentum – which smells terrible going in and coming out – so I can’t imagine how it taste! Our pediatrician office has been amazing with giving us samples thus far so that has definitely helped!

We had many visitors in the months of October and November! Nana came for a week, Aunt Julie and big cousin Jackman for a few days, Poppa for a few days and Omi for a month! We have been so blessed to have such great parents/sisters to come visit and help out while here. Aunt Jayme has been one amazing Aunt/Sister and helping out so much even before Ivan arrived! Some days I was so sick and just wanted to sleep – she let me do that :) I cannot begin to express how much it means to me! During the month that Omi was here she helped (well DID THE WORK) get Landon potty trained! Few accidents at first but then BOOM it clicked and now I am happy to say that lil dude is TRAINED!!! We try to put him in a pull-up for nap time JUST IN CASE , but even the times we haven’t he hasn’t wet the bed much. VERY proud of my big boy!! He will be 3 in 127 days! WOW!!! Time slow down!!!

Aunt Jayme and the boys!

Aunt Julie and big cousin Jackman

Worth a thousand words :)

Nana was in heaven!

Thanksgiving Day this year we were a FAMILY of 4 :), also there to enjoy the day was my folks, sister, Titi, Lita, Mary, Martin and Jude! We had a wonderful time with our blended family! It was a bitter sweet day tho because our “family” next door, the Petty’s, were moving to Key West! They came to say their goodbyes and it took everything I had not to break down! I gained a sister in Donna and am I so very happy they are still within driving distance!!!! Landon has asked for Coral a lot – which really hurts – but he knows that “coral in new house” and it seems to make it easier!!! 

Jude and Landon enjoying the nice day!

One the greatest families I know!

Aunt Jayme with her Landon

My happy home on Thanksgiving!

Otwell's 4

OHHH these 3

A few other random things have happened  - Halloween - Ivan's very first one and Landon's second one! The Veterans Day parade was a big hit with Landon this year - not only did he LOVE the bands but he loved the cops (DADDDDYYYYYY) on motorcycles!! Billy may have to get him a "cycle", also. He also made a new friend in Zoey! Zoey's Mama Christy now works with me at the college, they are in the Navy and moved here a few months ago! We also took Landon, Coral and Abby to the fair for the first time! Landon LOVED it - Coral wasn't too pleased! But they were adorable as ever! We alsssoooo took our last (well maybe and prayfully not last) trip to the Pumpkin Patch with the Petty's! It was great!! Course Landon got a bit irritable but photos still turned out well :)

Gonna miss walking in the street with these girls
I love this photo! They were running!!

Equal child/adult ratio :)

2 months old

First Halloween
My little BUZZ!!!

Fair rides

At the parade with Zoey!

I cannot believe Christmas is just a few weeks away! This year my ONE and ONLY resolution will be to send out birthday and anniversary cards to family! And by family I am limiting it to the immediate and Aunts/Unks/Cousins --- because that is going to be A LOT! But sending cards seems to be "dying off" and I personally enjoy getting something other than bills in the mail!!!

This year flew by so fast for me! New job, new baby … whew! I am very blessed to be where I am and cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

30 weeks and counting!

30 weeks ---- 7/25/12
  30 weeks today! My goodness how this pregnancy has flown by! In some ways I’ve enjoyed this pregnancy more and hated it more – make sense? With Landon I was sick from day one (and didn’t even know I was pregnant) till he arrived. With Ivan I’m sick for a few days – then get a few weeks break – then back to being sick. Then the issues with blood sugar, blood pressure and not keeping anything down arose! It’s been a pretty big challenge the past 2 months with these issues! But all this come with the territory right!!

Last week we got to see our lil guy in 3D! Spitting image (if you can get that from 3D) of his big brother – and Daddy! Why is it that we gals go thru so much “POO” with pregnancy only to have the child come out looking like Daddy …. Aiye! AT least I know I have some very handsome boys on my hands! And very mischievous! Each day Landon does more and more things that make me laugh or get irritated about that remind me of Billy!

We THREW Landon into swim lessons for 2 weeks at the beginning of July. He is NOT scared of the water AT ALL and that is a big reason we decided to do the lessons. He loved it. He was the youngest there – the next youngest was 2.5 years older than him! The lifeguards were a bit thrown by his age with height I guess – they tried to carry on conversation with him and Landon speaks some English/Spanish but not enough to carry on an entire conversation – quite funny at times! I do wish we could have put him for another 2 weeks but I don’t think I could have handle the heat and chasing after him if he decided it was time to go to the diving board!

Work has been a challenge for both of us in all areas lately. Billy is worried about the cuts that our city is and will make to the Sheriff’s Office – we (as of today) know that Billy won’t be “cut” but many of our friends, once again, will be and it really hurts to see good people losing a job where they aren’t respected by the city anyways – yet they love doing THAT job! I’ve always told Billy that I am not tied to this city – just to him and the boys. I am going to go where he goes IF he goes anywhere! For me it’s been more of no maternity leave, not much time saved up, will have to pay for insurance out of pocket for the time I’m gone, blah blah blah. I was told a few days ago that “had you just stayed with UB this wouldn’t be an issue”. While that might be true – this “issue” is nothing compared to the “issues” I felt there or saw coming. Billy and I have prayed and prayed to be able to LET GO and LET GOD – but my word that is so hard – even tho I know I should and it will be ok. It’s just so hard to do that. And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19. MY God does and wills!!! Things worked out and we will be “OK” for my time off --- we know it would have worked out and would have been less stress on us had we just LET GO --- but sometimes you just don’t see it while in the storm – only in the after.


This past weekend we did a lot of work around the house – got the baby clothes, gadgets, boxes, etc down from attic to get things semi ready for our new lil guy arriving! Pretty funny going thru things feeling we had JUST put them up! We had a fun time going thru the baby clothes too – can’t believe Landon was that small!! We still have some cleaning to do in baby Ivan’s room and putting together of some items. AND looks like we will be getting a new glider chair. Landon decided that he wasn’t going to bed after all a few nights ago and dumped an entire bottle of baby oil in chair then smeared baby powder all over it --- all he could say to us was “it’s yucky”. We both had to leave before our pissy levels skyrocketed!!

He makes me laugh!

Some days … whew ….

I took Monday off to hang out with my boys and we decided a day trip to Savannah would be fun and most likely our last big outing as a family of 3! It was fun, it was hot, it was tiring on me, but most of all it was FUN!!! We did a trolley ride around the city – Landon loved it and kept calling it a “choo-choo”. He did very well and was very much behaved! We then went to eat ---- he thought it would be fun to run around! That’s the bad part about going to anything with bar or grill or tavern or ALL THREE of those words combined in a restaurants name --- no highchairs/booster seats! But at least they had TVs at each table so that helped A TAD!! After eating we walked back to the car! It was a short trip but we had a great time --- it was short due to this Mama about to pass out from walking that hill to River Street! HA!!

Billy's never serious :)

As of right now we are looking at scheduling our c-section on September 27th. We will be able to put a date in stone in a few weeks! Hopefully all goes well and he doesn’t want to arrive any sooner!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 weeks to go with Baby Ivan Harrison!

25 weeks today! YAY ...
and feeling blah! Been awfully tired and feeling lots of pressure. BUT no where near as sick as I was with Landon so I shall not complain! We haven't done much to the crib room - we like to look and think but not a lot of action - guess we still have plenty of time right!

Landon knows there is a baby in the belly - He pats my belly and says "baby" and then will either say "Abby" or "Lilli" --- Abby is Coral's baby sister and Lilli is our good friends the Fahey's baby girl! At least he gets "baby"

Billy finally allowed me ;aldksjf;ladskjf KIDDING ... I finally asked if Billy would CARE if I did a ride-along with him at work. I've never really cared to do one - mainly because he used to work in an area where many of the students I worked with at JU lived - soooo didn't care for them to know who he was or see me out and about!

Me and the Officer
Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with Billy for a brief time before he headed off to work! We gave him a few of his gifts two day earlier - but we made him a photo collage and he thought it was great! Landon was super ready to give Daddy his gifts - he kept carrying it around saying "daddy's daddy's" ... He sure loves his Daddy and I know that feeling is beyond mutual! Billy is such an amazing Father!

Giving Daddy some big kisses
Landon takes after his Daddy so much - his attitude at times, the sneakiness, the looks I get *hahaha*, small actions  he does and he knows how to push my buttons! Landon loves shoes - my shoes, daddy's shoes, Jayme's shoes, Corals shoes, shoes at the store, ... SHOES! He also likes to wear my heels around the house a lot! Daddy - doesn't care too much for this - but I try to explain that prayfully it's just a phase where he is just PLAYING! :)

They are some cute shoes tho :)

Needless to say - We keep him in the yard or house when he wants to wear the heels!!

Landon talks a mile an minute! Always asking about random things or people. This morning (6/20/12) we were TRYING to get dressed (he didn't want to wear shorts so he wore shirt, undies and shoes!) and he said "where's Coral Abby" I told him they were "night night" he then asked "where's Donna" I told him she was "night night" too, he asked "where's Justin" and before I could say anything he said "Justin at work" ... I fell at laughing because Justin is indeed at work! Petty's yall are being kept up with!! Last night we were getting ready for bed and he patted my belly and said "Lilli - baby night night".

He's pretty smart I must say, pretty proud about that too! He loves this book that has all kinds of photos in it and he will bring it to us and show us everything he knows in it! Car, banana, shoes, dog, cat, truck (really wish he could pronounce that a tad better!!), elephant (efanant hahaha), etc. He then will make all the animal sounds with each animal!! Beyond cute!!! Just wish those tantrums would calm down a bit! I'm trying my best to ignore them (Billy is great with it - me not so much) and go on about my day - but he's been ultra clingy and whiny with me and it's become quite hard on my nerves!! Getting prepared for two lil Abbott's I suppose ha!!

Landon learned "duck lips" from his Aunt Jayme
 Billy and I are going to attempt camping again this weekend! Our anniversary weekend we had 2 nights scheduled but do to a Tropical Storm they evacuated the beach, so we lost a night. SO BACK we go again - and it's suppose to rain all weekend!!! We haven't had the best of luck lately with our adventures! But it will be nice to be away from everything for one day/night again! A mental break is needed at times!

Upset about being up so early - his choice - we've had this chat!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching Up

We are having another boy :)

:) Ivan Harrison Abbott
I must admit we were both hoping for a girl but I know I breathed relief when we found out another boy :) HA!! At least we SEMI know what to do!!!

The weekend of Mother's Day my best friend Mary graduated from Seminary school in Orlando. That weekend she and her hubby (the greatest co-host evah)  Martin were able to "get us into" Disney World. To be honest I'm not that big of a fan - HOWEVER those of you who know Landon he is insanely obsessed with MICKEY! So I was just beyond thrilled for him! When he saw Mickey he totally freaked out and the look on his face was totally worth the heat of the day! Him and Jude had a great time at Disney!

Meeting Mickey up close!

He love on Minnie A LOT

Jude with Mickey and Minnie
On the tea-cups


Two very cute handsome boys!
Two very tired boys :)

 Needless to say we had a great time and huge thanks to the Downey's for making this weekend awesome!!

Mother's Day was nice - LANDON :) made me a photo album with lots of pictures in there of himself (he's so vain). Billy had to work - but that evening Jayme made me dinner!

Before Church on Mother's Day

 The splash park at the zoo is finally back open! While looking at animals is fun - this lovely Florida heat is not. So Donna and I tend to take the kiddos the splash park often! One day Abby will be running around with them too!!

BFFs :)

He loves to try and drink the water - ugh

She does too at times ha!

May 26th Billy and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary! Our plan was to go camping at a local beach! After all bookings were made 3 months prior the weekend came and so did a Tropical Storm! Just our luck!! We were able to stay one night (super windy that evening) but the next day the park was evacuated so we do have one more night down the road we will be going back to camp!

 It was a nice time regardless! It was nice to sit back and relax and not THINK about much!

As  today I'm 23 weeks with Ivan. We are super excited and getting anxious already!!! Landon likes to pat my belly and say baby - which is beyond cute!! I leave with just some random photos :)