Monday, January 23, 2012

73 Days Shy of 2 years

Another "just for me" blogs! Landon has learned to say quite a few words in Spanish (thanks to his Titi!)

"Vamos" -- BAHMOOSE

"Hola"  - OHHHLAAA



"Gracias" GLLAAA

And he seriously puts that much emphasis on it :)

"Apollo" is now POLLO and not PAHBO :) gotten better!!!

"Coral" COEWAL :)

"Donna" Nonna

"Bananna" Nanna

He doesn't get into books much - but we do have a new one from Aunt Julie that have HUGE pictures of items in it and I'll ask him where certain items are and he will point to them and say them!!! SOOOO awesome!

73 Days and Landon will be 2! REALLY!!! Just can't seem to wrap my head around it!

Daddy dressed me this day

He loves the sunglasses

I'll miss seeing this crew each day!

Even at the doc's office he's still a cutie

He was singing some Juke Kartel with me!