Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy 2012 (few days late I know!)

Ringing in the New Year (around 8pm of course) with the other guy in my life! Daddy was at work dodging bullets!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - this year my parents and sister came down to visit! It was great!! We hadn't all been together in 6 years for Christmas! It was great!! We took a FEW photos!

Landon greatly enjoyed Omi and Pappa's visit!

The greatest most amazing parents ever!

He loves his Aunt "BOOM" Jka

My sweet family!

The crew :)

This was later that night on Christmas --- Landon and Coral are very excited about tearing into that gift!

We had a wonderful time with friends on Christmas Day! It was strange without Billy there - but we've come to understand holidays are just another day! We had a house full! It is beyond a blessing for Billy and I to have friends who we consider family next door to us! It can get hard living 16-20 hours from blood family - but our "Cove" family is amazing!!!!! We love them greatly!!!

Before Christmas Day Landon and I traveled up to see his Big Cousin Jackman (greatest nephew EVAH!) and his Aunt Julie (pretty awesomely sweet sis too!). We had a blast! It rained quite a bit but that didn't stop us Mama's and our Target trip ha!! The boys got to go to the Zoo for "Safari Lights", a wonderful Target Trip, the mall to meet Santa (eh) and then to the McWane Center. Very awesome - I wish Jacksonville had something similar. Landon loved it! It was so nice to visit with Julie too! And not have a lil guy with double ear infections this go around :)

Waited 30 minutes for this :)

We got them matching PJ's :) :)

Target wasn't ready for this

Jackman didn't want Landon on his Mommy's lap

Beyond sweet ... no words capture how this warms my heart!

Christmas break summed up :)

NEW YEAR - NEW JOB!!!! I accepted a position at Florida State College at Jacksonville and I am super excited about the new road ahead of me! Very bittersweet leaving Upward Bound, a program that has done so much for me! I love TRiO and will continue to support it and students!! YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME :)

I start on the 23rd of January! YAY!!

I'm hoping with this new year that Billy and I will be able to have another child. We have been trying since July and nothing so far! And we are OK with that - many people have tried beyond longer than us and still cannot conceive so I have no room to complain or feel BAD about it all. We do want more children (or own children anyways) but if we only get our little guy then is it really all that bad?!?!?! Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers (if you pray - if not it's the greatest thing in the whole world!!).

Maybe I"ll update before Landon turns 2 :)