Friday, February 10, 2012


On the 23rd of January I started a new job with the state college here in Jacksonville. I'm super excited and really like it so far :) It's a nice change and many more chances will be available to me!

While we have been struggling for a few months to get pregnant – and yes I know we haven’t had the struggles some couples face, but they are ours and they have been tough - and on January 26th our home tests gave us a positive feedback :)


So we went to the doctor on the 7th of February and they guesstimated with the SMALL ultrasound that we are about 5 weeks pregnant. We go back on February 20th to see if we can get a better ultrasound and a more definite “week” date! Estimated due date for now is October 10, 2012.

Estimated at 5 weeks

We are super excited and praying that all goes well with this pregnancy! Most people tend to flip out and think one is crazy for posting or telling people about a pregnancy before you are out of the first trimester --- wellllll --- they should know I can’t keep my mouth shut! Especially about something we have been trying to accomplish for MANY months now!

Speaking of babies :) our dear friends, The Petty’s, welcomed baby Abigail M. on the 30th of January! She arrived ON her due date! Big sis Coral is totally in awe and loves her little sister!!! Coral just turned 2 (WOW) and we are going to celebrate with her Saturday!! Few more weeks and Landon will be 2 – WHEW! REALLY!!!!

Stole this from Donna! I just love both girls expressions!!!

SOOOOOOOO I’m not much of a resolution gal or goal list person … HOWEVER I have come across some neat blogs by folks doing “30 by 30” – so I thought I would TRY it out –

“30 by 30” list (I have from today 392 days to complete)

1. See the cherry blossoms in DC

2. Take a trip to Maine

3. Graduate from Grad School

4. Take another cruise

5. Pay off at least 4 credit/retail cards

6. Setup an emergency fund

7. Reach goal weight

8. Skydive

9. Attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

10. Attempt Yoga

11. Paddleboard

12. Learn how to drive a “stick” truck

13. Renew my passport – maybe with a trip across the pond or GULF :)

14. Scubadive

15. Attend Sundance

16. Scan all files in the filing cabinet at home and ditch the cabinet

17. Swim with the dolphins

18. Take Landon to Disney

19. Help raise money and organize a mission trip for the youth at church

20. Go BACK to Boston to actually see a more than 3 innings of agame (preferably SOX v NYY)

21. Take Billy to a PBR Rodeo

22. Buy Landon a fish/tank

23. Deep Sea Fish

24. Go to Key West

25. Eat Shrimp –eck

26. Enter a photography contest

27. Parasail

28. Organized and attend :) a family reunion

29. Fix and ride my bike

30. Camp with Billy at the Beach