Sunday, March 25, 2012

Feeling .... TIRED

It was said to me many times "All pregnancies are different". When this was stated I wanted to laugh - I was sick EVERY SINGLE DAY with Landon - till they day they got him out :) I have been sick MAYBE 5 times with this one! I am a believer!!

We are super excited to find out the gender - not sure if we will at the April's doc appt or not! We will keep those interested posted :)

Had a fun night with the Petty's a few nights ago --- Dinner and theater (with the children as the entertainment) 

Coral watching as Landon gives her little sissy Abigail kisses

Landon really loves to PET on Abigail - makes me super nervous, as he likes to point at her EYES and EARS!

Trying to move Billy's bar

They are too sweet

Aunt Julie and big cousin Jackman came for a visit during Spring Break! We had a good time! Fun at the beach and zoo. It was quite interesting to see an almost 4 year old and almost 2 year old attempt the SHARING "thing". They were definite entertainment!

**This is more for me!**

Landon has been chatting away for awhile now - and is doing pretty darn good with words! 
*He can count to 5 in English and Spanish
*He can say a few cute phrases - 
                "where's daddy" "excuse me" (normally after he burps or when someone else burps OR when     
                  he wants to get by you) "please" "thank you" "hi pappa, hi omi, hi nana, hi mimi" "more    
*He knows when we are on the route to his Titi's house - he will say "Titi, Michael". Even when we aren't going there ... it's too cute!
*Says "choo-choo" when you say train.
*Says "beep-beep" when he sees a car or 18-wheeler
*Says "DONE" when finished eating - FINALLY! That took awhile

I"m missing some - but this is good enough for my brain right now!!

Potty training has been an experience - I'm not being consistent sooooo that may be a downfall. He has to have ALL clothing off of him when he goes pee-pee. Then ALL back on. We tried to let him run naked (because I heard that's good) ... but he peed in the dog's food bowl ... blah!!! The saga continues!!!

Few weeks and he will be 2 --- AIYE!! Where did they time go! Will post photos of the small celebration we plan on having!