Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I can be crafty

My first banner I made was for my friend Jackie and her fiance (at the time) for their wedding shower! I wanted to do something crafty and being that I don't paint, draw, sew, etc ... I thought BANNER!!

So after that shower I started making others here and there! So far I have created 9 and have 2 in progress
Here they are (sometimes I forget to take pics of my process or before they are hung up :) )

Ben & Jackie's Banner (First one - very easy and plain)

I downloaded a Seuss font for Landon's 1st Birthday Party Banner - I love all the colors

Not a banner :) But a neat balloon wreathe I made for Landon's 1st birthday party too

For my friend Cherry's Daughter's birthday party! Never used the glitter foam paper - super easy

My first vertical banner - I liked - I need to do another. For our friends Wedding Shower

For our friends Amy/Dave's baby shower for Lilli!

For the Petty's baby shower - Abigail
Fun with patterned paper for Christmas!!!

For Coral's Minnie Mouse Party

For Aiden's Winnie the Pooh - my first attempt at a DESIGN!

My work in progress - must be done by April6th :) - Landon's Mickey Mouse banner

My 2nd work in Progress - my cousin's daughter's banner -- it will be a sea-animals theme!!

So there ya go :) MY banners!! I hope to do more and MAYBE get a machine help out - but doing each one by hand does make it more special :)