Friday, April 13, 2012

Landon is two?!

My goodness - 2 years has flown by pretty fast! I sure miss him being a small baby - but I insanely enjoy him and his humor now! He can make me laugh so hard! He is very random - much like his Daddy - and really cracks himself up over anything. I hope he never changes in that aspect!!!

Birthday Banner for my sweet cheeks!

He LOVED his cupcake!

Ready to dig in!

Telling Donna "CHEESE"
We had a small get together with friends and their families for his birthday this year - 70ish people last year pretty much did me in with birthday parties ever again!!!

Saturday at our church we had an egg hunt - so his BFF Coral joined us along with baby sister Abigail! We had a fun time and of course our lil BFFs were too cute as always!!

Counting his eggs

Coral shared the eggs she found with Landon

YEAAAAAA ... at the Church too!!!
These two are so cute together! They play pretty darn well with each other - they have their moments of not wanting to share - but end up hugging it out :) Coral visited one day and they watched Mickey together ....

Telling Donna "CHEEESE"
I didn't notice when I took it - but they are holding hands! LOVE

Landon's imagination is growing - and it's so evident watching him play with his toys! He's figured out that making the "VROOM VROOM" sound with cars is WAY more fun.

He sings with Mickey and tells them all Hi and calls each character by their names. Loves to play hide and seek - and he will place you where he wants you in the house (that is too funny to me).

When I am driving and take the curves he yells "WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA" - his Daddy agrees.

He likes to wear my heels - Daddy does not agree (nor wanting to carry purses). I think it's hilarious - he loves to wear Daddy's big boots too! Evens out!!

When I am sick (pregnancy wise) he will come up to me and pat either my leg or back and say "K".

He says "Jesus Loves Me" and uses the hand motions. He will do this obviously when we ask him but he will also do it at random times - which makes my heart smile!

He will sometimes bring me my phone and say "Pappa" ... that means we need to call Pappa ASAP! Sometimes we chat with Pappa sometimes we leave him a message!

He LOVES to pile up the pillows on the couch - ask for his milk and kicks back!

Minus the milk :)
BABY UPDATE:Go back to the doctor Wednesday the 18th for checkup - unsure if we will find out sex at this time - if not we will definitely at the May visit. 25 weeks to go!!!