Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day! I always enjoyed celebrating this day with my mom or for my mom since we now live 18 hours away from each other! My first mother’s day Landon was around 4 weeks old and it was so sweet and perfect! Never thought I’d actually be celebrating with my own children! I remember thinking how much I couldn’t wait to hear him say Mommy. He now calls me Mom and sometimes Annie (not sure how much I appreciate that last one) – but I do laugh and sure love it.
Very first time to hold him - few mins after he was born

I love when he is home with Billy and that they will sit on the ottoman and wait for me to get home. When I open the door he yells “mom” and runs up to me – normally no hug but starts telling me about his day! Kid can jabber!
Around 5 weeks old - he wasn't happy for some reason :)

I love when I drop him off at his Titi’s he says “beep beep” and yells bye to me!

I love that he will crawl on me when I’m working on school work and close my computer and give me a kiss then get off me!

His first birthday!

Beach Bumming

In Boston - what a fun trip

Christmas 2011

I love that he will eat some of my cooking.

I love that he will take my phone and put up to his face and say “cheese” – poor kid always has his pic taken!

I love that he looks like his Daddy! So handsome!
Halloween 2011 - first time I'd dressed up in a long time

I love that he has a funny personality – he seriously cracks me up often with his antics!

I love that he remembers people’s names – we work on this and he will remember someone’s name and say it when he sees their pic or when he hears their voice!

I love when he wakes up and I go to get him out of his bed he says “hi” in this scraggly I just woke up voice.
Feb 2012

I love that he loves to play outside – don’t so much love the tantrum he throws when I take him off the swing.

First Christmas - 2010
I love that he loves the water – beach trips are fun but again the tantrums I could do without when we have to leave! It does scare me that he has no fear at all of the water!

I love that he will sing Jesus Loves Me & Deep and Wide at random times!

I love that he likes to pray at the dinner table.

I love that he pats my belly and says “baby – shhhh” and will lay his head on me! He’s going to be a great brother (or so I pray!)

I love that he remembers things my Dad has done with him – the other day he kept saying “fort” and dragging the chairs around! So we built a fort like Pappa did with him!

I love that he loves me and Billy even after we discipline him – I hate to see those big ole tears (he knows how to work us)

2 days old

I love that he will be a big brother soon!!
Mother's Day 2011

I love so much more about this little guy ... he is our world!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer lovin ...

It's so hot - and I have a long ways to with Baby! Today I am 19 weeks (21ish to go right! AIYE) and this heat is already bothering me - so sad

Over the weekend we hit up our fave festivals that come into town - Shrimp Festival and World of Nations. Shrimp festival was miserably hot - hardly any breeze and the smell of fish/shrimp/craw fish made me ill! HA! Billy on the other hand was in heaven!! I took NO PICS at this festival ... to hot to care I guess!

Billy did snap a pic of Landon in the car after the festival - looking like I felt!

My long legged 2 year old :)

After we got home and napped - Coral invited Landon over for a pool party. These two really crack me up. Landon will yell Coral's name as if to say COME HERE and she will give him this look and typically say HUH? She calls him DD for some reason but he knows and goes to her whenever she beckons for him! They love to dance too! They are a crack up!!

Taking a break to dance - He wanted his shirt up like her bathing suit :)

Swim break to play in bounce house

Back to dancing - Landon doing his infamous move!

Landon slept pretty good after this day :) He and Coral had a blast!

The next day we all (minus Donna and Abby) went to the World of Nations and both kiddos had a great time - even Landon and Coral had a good time :) They love holding hands so when they take off walking the instantly hold hands - we heard lots of "awes" and "so sweet" (he's also been, after they hug when leaving each other, lays a kiss on her .... ummm).

It was pretty hot at WON but the clouds rolled in and sprinkles started up so it was way nicer than the Shrimp Fest for this mama and the smells were WAY BETTER :)

Landon and I are heading to Orlando to meet up with Jude's Mom and Dad aka Mary and Martin for the weekend to celebrate Mary's graduation from seminary! Super excited and thrilled for my sister!! We shall see what kind of trouble we can get into :)