Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day! I always enjoyed celebrating this day with my mom or for my mom since we now live 18 hours away from each other! My first mother’s day Landon was around 4 weeks old and it was so sweet and perfect! Never thought I’d actually be celebrating with my own children! I remember thinking how much I couldn’t wait to hear him say Mommy. He now calls me Mom and sometimes Annie (not sure how much I appreciate that last one) – but I do laugh and sure love it.
Very first time to hold him - few mins after he was born

I love when he is home with Billy and that they will sit on the ottoman and wait for me to get home. When I open the door he yells “mom” and runs up to me – normally no hug but starts telling me about his day! Kid can jabber!
Around 5 weeks old - he wasn't happy for some reason :)

I love when I drop him off at his Titi’s he says “beep beep” and yells bye to me!

I love that he will crawl on me when I’m working on school work and close my computer and give me a kiss then get off me!

His first birthday!

Beach Bumming

In Boston - what a fun trip

Christmas 2011

I love that he will eat some of my cooking.

I love that he will take my phone and put up to his face and say “cheese” – poor kid always has his pic taken!

I love that he looks like his Daddy! So handsome!
Halloween 2011 - first time I'd dressed up in a long time

I love that he has a funny personality – he seriously cracks me up often with his antics!

I love that he remembers people’s names – we work on this and he will remember someone’s name and say it when he sees their pic or when he hears their voice!

I love when he wakes up and I go to get him out of his bed he says “hi” in this scraggly I just woke up voice.
Feb 2012

I love that he loves to play outside – don’t so much love the tantrum he throws when I take him off the swing.

First Christmas - 2010
I love that he loves the water – beach trips are fun but again the tantrums I could do without when we have to leave! It does scare me that he has no fear at all of the water!

I love that he will sing Jesus Loves Me & Deep and Wide at random times!

I love that he likes to pray at the dinner table.

I love that he pats my belly and says “baby – shhhh” and will lay his head on me! He’s going to be a great brother (or so I pray!)

I love that he remembers things my Dad has done with him – the other day he kept saying “fort” and dragging the chairs around! So we built a fort like Pappa did with him!

I love that he loves me and Billy even after we discipline him – I hate to see those big ole tears (he knows how to work us)

2 days old

I love that he will be a big brother soon!!
Mother's Day 2011

I love so much more about this little guy ... he is our world!