Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 weeks to go with Baby Ivan Harrison!

25 weeks today! YAY ...
and feeling blah! Been awfully tired and feeling lots of pressure. BUT no where near as sick as I was with Landon so I shall not complain! We haven't done much to the crib room - we like to look and think but not a lot of action - guess we still have plenty of time right!

Landon knows there is a baby in the belly - He pats my belly and says "baby" and then will either say "Abby" or "Lilli" --- Abby is Coral's baby sister and Lilli is our good friends the Fahey's baby girl! At least he gets "baby"

Billy finally allowed me ;aldksjf;ladskjf KIDDING ... I finally asked if Billy would CARE if I did a ride-along with him at work. I've never really cared to do one - mainly because he used to work in an area where many of the students I worked with at JU lived - soooo didn't care for them to know who he was or see me out and about!

Me and the Officer
Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with Billy for a brief time before he headed off to work! We gave him a few of his gifts two day earlier - but we made him a photo collage and he thought it was great! Landon was super ready to give Daddy his gifts - he kept carrying it around saying "daddy's daddy's" ... He sure loves his Daddy and I know that feeling is beyond mutual! Billy is such an amazing Father!

Giving Daddy some big kisses
Landon takes after his Daddy so much - his attitude at times, the sneakiness, the looks I get *hahaha*, small actions  he does and he knows how to push my buttons! Landon loves shoes - my shoes, daddy's shoes, Jayme's shoes, Corals shoes, shoes at the store, ... SHOES! He also likes to wear my heels around the house a lot! Daddy - doesn't care too much for this - but I try to explain that prayfully it's just a phase where he is just PLAYING! :)

They are some cute shoes tho :)

Needless to say - We keep him in the yard or house when he wants to wear the heels!!

Landon talks a mile an minute! Always asking about random things or people. This morning (6/20/12) we were TRYING to get dressed (he didn't want to wear shorts so he wore shirt, undies and shoes!) and he said "where's Coral Abby" I told him they were "night night" he then asked "where's Donna" I told him she was "night night" too, he asked "where's Justin" and before I could say anything he said "Justin at work" ... I fell at laughing because Justin is indeed at work! Petty's yall are being kept up with!! Last night we were getting ready for bed and he patted my belly and said "Lilli - baby night night".

He's pretty smart I must say, pretty proud about that too! He loves this book that has all kinds of photos in it and he will bring it to us and show us everything he knows in it! Car, banana, shoes, dog, cat, truck (really wish he could pronounce that a tad better!!), elephant (efanant hahaha), etc. He then will make all the animal sounds with each animal!! Beyond cute!!! Just wish those tantrums would calm down a bit! I'm trying my best to ignore them (Billy is great with it - me not so much) and go on about my day - but he's been ultra clingy and whiny with me and it's become quite hard on my nerves!! Getting prepared for two lil Abbott's I suppose ha!!

Landon learned "duck lips" from his Aunt Jayme
 Billy and I are going to attempt camping again this weekend! Our anniversary weekend we had 2 nights scheduled but do to a Tropical Storm they evacuated the beach, so we lost a night. SO BACK we go again - and it's suppose to rain all weekend!!! We haven't had the best of luck lately with our adventures! But it will be nice to be away from everything for one day/night again! A mental break is needed at times!

Upset about being up so early - his choice - we've had this chat!