Wednesday, July 25, 2012

30 weeks and counting!

30 weeks ---- 7/25/12
  30 weeks today! My goodness how this pregnancy has flown by! In some ways I’ve enjoyed this pregnancy more and hated it more – make sense? With Landon I was sick from day one (and didn’t even know I was pregnant) till he arrived. With Ivan I’m sick for a few days – then get a few weeks break – then back to being sick. Then the issues with blood sugar, blood pressure and not keeping anything down arose! It’s been a pretty big challenge the past 2 months with these issues! But all this come with the territory right!!

Last week we got to see our lil guy in 3D! Spitting image (if you can get that from 3D) of his big brother – and Daddy! Why is it that we gals go thru so much “POO” with pregnancy only to have the child come out looking like Daddy …. Aiye! AT least I know I have some very handsome boys on my hands! And very mischievous! Each day Landon does more and more things that make me laugh or get irritated about that remind me of Billy!

We THREW Landon into swim lessons for 2 weeks at the beginning of July. He is NOT scared of the water AT ALL and that is a big reason we decided to do the lessons. He loved it. He was the youngest there – the next youngest was 2.5 years older than him! The lifeguards were a bit thrown by his age with height I guess – they tried to carry on conversation with him and Landon speaks some English/Spanish but not enough to carry on an entire conversation – quite funny at times! I do wish we could have put him for another 2 weeks but I don’t think I could have handle the heat and chasing after him if he decided it was time to go to the diving board!

Work has been a challenge for both of us in all areas lately. Billy is worried about the cuts that our city is and will make to the Sheriff’s Office – we (as of today) know that Billy won’t be “cut” but many of our friends, once again, will be and it really hurts to see good people losing a job where they aren’t respected by the city anyways – yet they love doing THAT job! I’ve always told Billy that I am not tied to this city – just to him and the boys. I am going to go where he goes IF he goes anywhere! For me it’s been more of no maternity leave, not much time saved up, will have to pay for insurance out of pocket for the time I’m gone, blah blah blah. I was told a few days ago that “had you just stayed with UB this wouldn’t be an issue”. While that might be true – this “issue” is nothing compared to the “issues” I felt there or saw coming. Billy and I have prayed and prayed to be able to LET GO and LET GOD – but my word that is so hard – even tho I know I should and it will be ok. It’s just so hard to do that. And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19. MY God does and wills!!! Things worked out and we will be “OK” for my time off --- we know it would have worked out and would have been less stress on us had we just LET GO --- but sometimes you just don’t see it while in the storm – only in the after.


This past weekend we did a lot of work around the house – got the baby clothes, gadgets, boxes, etc down from attic to get things semi ready for our new lil guy arriving! Pretty funny going thru things feeling we had JUST put them up! We had a fun time going thru the baby clothes too – can’t believe Landon was that small!! We still have some cleaning to do in baby Ivan’s room and putting together of some items. AND looks like we will be getting a new glider chair. Landon decided that he wasn’t going to bed after all a few nights ago and dumped an entire bottle of baby oil in chair then smeared baby powder all over it --- all he could say to us was “it’s yucky”. We both had to leave before our pissy levels skyrocketed!!

He makes me laugh!

Some days … whew ….

I took Monday off to hang out with my boys and we decided a day trip to Savannah would be fun and most likely our last big outing as a family of 3! It was fun, it was hot, it was tiring on me, but most of all it was FUN!!! We did a trolley ride around the city – Landon loved it and kept calling it a “choo-choo”. He did very well and was very much behaved! We then went to eat ---- he thought it would be fun to run around! That’s the bad part about going to anything with bar or grill or tavern or ALL THREE of those words combined in a restaurants name --- no highchairs/booster seats! But at least they had TVs at each table so that helped A TAD!! After eating we walked back to the car! It was a short trip but we had a great time --- it was short due to this Mama about to pass out from walking that hill to River Street! HA!!

Billy's never serious :)

As of right now we are looking at scheduling our c-section on September 27th. We will be able to put a date in stone in a few weeks! Hopefully all goes well and he doesn’t want to arrive any sooner!!!