Thursday, November 29, 2012

Playing some CATCHUP!!!

Few hours old!
As I’m sure you all know Ivan Harrison has arrived!!! Ivan was born 9-27-12 and has been growing like a champ since! Big Brother Landon – overwhelmingly excited to have Ivan around! This makes Mama and Daddy sooo happy! We were a bit nervous there would be a HUGE jealousy issue – but none and whew we are happy!
One Happy Big Brother!!

Ivan’s first few weeks here have been a challenge, just as with Landon, with tummy/formula issues. Sadly (for our budget anyways haha) the poor kiddo had to be put on Alimentum – which smells terrible going in and coming out – so I can’t imagine how it taste! Our pediatrician office has been amazing with giving us samples thus far so that has definitely helped!

We had many visitors in the months of October and November! Nana came for a week, Aunt Julie and big cousin Jackman for a few days, Poppa for a few days and Omi for a month! We have been so blessed to have such great parents/sisters to come visit and help out while here. Aunt Jayme has been one amazing Aunt/Sister and helping out so much even before Ivan arrived! Some days I was so sick and just wanted to sleep – she let me do that :) I cannot begin to express how much it means to me! During the month that Omi was here she helped (well DID THE WORK) get Landon potty trained! Few accidents at first but then BOOM it clicked and now I am happy to say that lil dude is TRAINED!!! We try to put him in a pull-up for nap time JUST IN CASE , but even the times we haven’t he hasn’t wet the bed much. VERY proud of my big boy!! He will be 3 in 127 days! WOW!!! Time slow down!!!

Aunt Jayme and the boys!

Aunt Julie and big cousin Jackman

Worth a thousand words :)

Nana was in heaven!

Thanksgiving Day this year we were a FAMILY of 4 :), also there to enjoy the day was my folks, sister, Titi, Lita, Mary, Martin and Jude! We had a wonderful time with our blended family! It was a bitter sweet day tho because our “family” next door, the Petty’s, were moving to Key West! They came to say their goodbyes and it took everything I had not to break down! I gained a sister in Donna and am I so very happy they are still within driving distance!!!! Landon has asked for Coral a lot – which really hurts – but he knows that “coral in new house” and it seems to make it easier!!! 

Jude and Landon enjoying the nice day!

One the greatest families I know!

Aunt Jayme with her Landon

My happy home on Thanksgiving!

Otwell's 4

OHHH these 3

A few other random things have happened  - Halloween - Ivan's very first one and Landon's second one! The Veterans Day parade was a big hit with Landon this year - not only did he LOVE the bands but he loved the cops (DADDDDYYYYYY) on motorcycles!! Billy may have to get him a "cycle", also. He also made a new friend in Zoey! Zoey's Mama Christy now works with me at the college, they are in the Navy and moved here a few months ago! We also took Landon, Coral and Abby to the fair for the first time! Landon LOVED it - Coral wasn't too pleased! But they were adorable as ever! We alsssoooo took our last (well maybe and prayfully not last) trip to the Pumpkin Patch with the Petty's! It was great!! Course Landon got a bit irritable but photos still turned out well :)

Gonna miss walking in the street with these girls
I love this photo! They were running!!

Equal child/adult ratio :)

2 months old

First Halloween
My little BUZZ!!!

Fair rides

At the parade with Zoey!

I cannot believe Christmas is just a few weeks away! This year my ONE and ONLY resolution will be to send out birthday and anniversary cards to family! And by family I am limiting it to the immediate and Aunts/Unks/Cousins --- because that is going to be A LOT! But sending cards seems to be "dying off" and I personally enjoy getting something other than bills in the mail!!!

This year flew by so fast for me! New job, new baby … whew! I am very blessed to be where I am and cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store!!!