Monday, January 28, 2013

Austin trip: Mallory gets married

Awe 2012 flew by and January of the new year is almost over - time SERIOUSLY needs to slow down!

My sweet baby (eh she will always be my younger cousin) cousin Mallory is now a married woman! Mal and Ernesto were married January 12th. It was beautiful! She and her friends/family did an amazing job decorating - burlap! Gorgeous! We were able to make the trip by flying - not driving 17 hours to Austin - whew! And Landon was insane with excitement -- he was flying MICKEY'S PLANE!! He did great - and Ivan's first flight was good for him as well!!

It was not only wonderful to watch her start a new chapter in life but to also see so many family members we haven't seen in awhile or the last time it being such a sad visit. Some of us had never met! It was the greatest weekend thus far!

RANDOM order with photos :)

Kamden (my cousin Jabe's son) petting Ivan
I love this photo Aarika (Jabe's wife) captured of Landon

Great mixed family photo!! 

My Dad cracks me up ha!

Dancing with Landon and Scott (Marlon's son)

Yea we are awesome

BR: Marlon, Jessa, Jabe, Aarika
2R: Kamden, Aunt Mari, Mallory, Me Billy

Landon hanging out with Kamden

Landon clinging to Kayleigh (Marlon's daughter) - first time they had met

This captures Mallory - very bubbly and gorgeous

Mr and Mrs Vargas


Landon ready to fly!

It was a very very fun trip and one amazing wedding!

Christmas 2012 Recap

Christmas was great! Landon made cookies for Santa and left him some milk - we tracked him on NORAD and FINALLY Landon decided to give in and head to bed so Santa would stop off by our house to leave him some presents. It was fun this year with the whole "SANTA" thing - Landon loved it and randomly now asks where he is and when is he coming back.

Christmas Eve with Daddy before work

Christmas morning with the sleepy family!

Ivan so impressed with all the hub-bub

Random picture of Landon around Christmas - he is such a ham

Riding the Christmas Train at our realtors Christmas party

I was beyond thrilled that this year on the actual DAY of Christmas Billy was off! Growing up my Dad worked many holidays/birthdays and we knew we celebrate whenever Daddy was off work! Same goes in our house today. Holidays are just another day - we celebrate when Daddy is home and able to be with us for that event. But this year - the first year as a family of four and Landon being sooooo exciting about Santa - it was just heart warming to have him home!

We had a small dinner - we had over our other family to celebrate with us this year. Titi (Michelle), Lita (Rosa), Dali (Michelle's sister) and Dali's husband Luis. We had a great time. Being away from our blood family on holidays is semi sad each time but having friends here that are more family than friends makes holidays and everyday honestly just  BETTER! We are truly blessed!

Dali, Lita, Jayme, Titi and Moi

Landon loves these sisters!

Lita has the touch!!

Sharing stories!

We had a wonderful Christmas - next year shall be interesting as well!!!